Monday, November 24, 2008

Okay I haven't posted anything for about a week, so I thought I better do it now. We just got Madilyn's pictures back from Amber. AMAZING!!!! I absolutely love them! She is so awesome! Nothing new going on.. just getting ready for Thanksgiving! Yay 3 day work week..I am very excited... and for shopping! :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Falling Leaves

Today was such a beautiful day!! We finally had time to rake up leaves from our gigantic tree out front. I love it for the shade during the summmer, but it is a pain! Not only is it a mess to clean up the leaves, but it has been lifting our sidewalk (extremely bad) and roots growing in our sewer line! I think we will be removing it if we are here much longer! The house is still on the market,and we FINALLY had someone come and look at it on Thursday! The first in about 2-2 1/2 months. There must be a reason that we are still here, and whatever the reason I am okay with. I just would have loved to be in a new house by Christmas.. even Thanksgiving so we could fit everyone at our house! Oh well, one day I will have a big kitchen! For now, I am grateful that we even have a roof over our head. That is a blessing in and of itself.
I just have to say I am grateful for eternal families!! My friend Nina that I work with was sealed to her hubby Jonathan and there two kids, McKenna & Jacob. It was the most amazing thing in the world! They have been married for 12 years (Nov 13th) hence the day they wanted to be sealed. Jonathan joined the church a little over a year ago, all on his own. To see them in the temple was incredible, you couldn't help but ball your eyes out. Okay, so maybe it was just me.. I am ball baby anyways. I think it will be a neat experience for all of them to remember even McKenna and Jacob. I was able to be there when Jeff was sealed to our family. I still remember the room and how I felt. It was incredible. Now they will be together forever! I am so excited for them!
Update on Ella.. she is so cute! She is such a silly puppy. So cuddly and tolerant of Madilyn. Madilyn is mothering her like crazy, I feel bad sometimes, I think Ella just wants to run and hide! We are so excited to have her in our Family. She has been such a good thing for all of us. (Thanks Sam for letting us get a puppy!) I told him that is all I wanted for our Anniversary and Christmas. I think I will close for now.. till next post! :]

Family Pictures

We got our family pictures done this last Wednesday. Her name is Amber Bates, with AbbygailLouise Photography. She did an awesome job!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our New Puppy!!

I know it is amazing! We are getting a new little puppy named Ella. She is 1/4 Poodle and the rest Shitzu (sp?) We went and saw her last night she is so cuddly and calm. Sam will be going to get her tonight and bring her home. We are so excited!! Maddy can hardly stand it! All the way down to springville she kept on saying "We going to get Ella Mommy?" "Where is she?" It was cute. Then this morning she woke up and asked where Ella was. Anyways, I will post more when we get her.