Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is just a test for work! :)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I decided I should probably blog instead of changing my background and calling it good!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!! Fall is so beautiful with all the leaves changing and the smell of well, yumminess! I can’t wait to get all the Halloween décor out. Maddy and I have already picked our outfits for Halloween. We are going to Match! Do you want to take a little guess?

Okay, So I am not a librarian, and I am quite sure I won’t be able to pull the outfit off like she does but we are going to try. More to come on that! I think I may have even talked Sam into being the Joker, and Ella to be either Batman or Robin Haven’t decided on that one yet!

Maddy has started preschool again, and enjoying every minute of it! I think she will be so ready next year to go to school.. even though Mom won’t be. She has been quite the trooper while I have been going to school. Which by the way I am half way done!! I am really excited to get my life somewhat back to normal! I can’t wait to come home and spend some time with her, instead of being so exhausted every night. When I said in my last post about being a bear.. seriously, I want to do that right now! Just hibernate for the winter. I am glad my family has been so supportive of me in my decision to go back. It truly isn’t THAT long, but it has been difficult working full time, and being a full time mom/wife..

Life is going pretty good, I can’t complain too much. Hopefully more to come soon when I have more time!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The No Good Very Bad Day..

So here is your laugh for the day {Go ahead it is okay to laugh, because I am laughing about it now!}

So last night I am at costco, getting some stuff for Dinner {trying to hurry because a co-worker is coming over for dinner} I am doing good have an hour to go till he gets there! Anyway, I turn from putting the groceries in the car, and pull the basket behind me to pull around and push it to the basket return {if that makes sense} Low and behold right as I bring my right foot up to step, the basket {which I am controlling} RAMS into my ankle. Instantly, I am feeling a burning tingling sensation. {ya know like you get when you hit your funny bone.. ONLY WORSE!} I figure ahh crap!! I probably just pulled my tendon or something dramatic like that... great, just my luck! I keep thinking “Don’t look at it, it will go away, don’t look at it!" {because you know if you look at it , it will hurt worse!!!!} So I am limping/hobbling to my car trying not to burst into tears {a little background.. my day was a crap day yesterday!! So this was the last straw for me} I get into the car and think.. great how am I suppose to drive to get Maddy! I can’t even feel my toes, it hurts to put pressure on it.. well I end up backing out and driving across the street {literally} to Maddy’s daycare.. WITH MY LEFT FOOT {so awkward, I do NOT recommend} I hobble up to the door {still hadn’t looked at it at this point} get in she can see I am limping.. Teresa asks if I am okay.. and what do you know, I BURST into tears.. {this was the second time today that I had cried.. what is wrong with me!?} She tells me to sit down, and we notice it is bleeding pretty bad and it's all over my shoe. {NICE! The pain just worsened now- of course because I LOOKED!!!} It had split open my ankle.. Poor Maddy was like “It’s okay momma, don’t worry I’ll take care of it!” We get the bleeding to stop, finally! I think to myself alright I have to get home for dinner!! So I tell Teresa I will be fine, really, I will! Well not even a block away I am not okay, I pull over and call my mom by then I am bawling AGAIN and she instantly turns into Mom mode, grabs my dad and they are on their way to get me.. My dear sweet Dad drives me home.. {how thoughtful right!?} The whole way he is cursing me for wearing flip-flops {of course} and can’t understand why I am crying { of course again!- HORMONES dad… HORMONES}

The morale of thisVERY long story.. somewhat shortened.. don’t wear flip flops {according to my Dad} AND just beware of shopping carts.. they bite! They bite hard!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I’m Gonna be a Bear

In this life I’m a woman. In my next life, I’d like to come back as a bear.

When you’re a bear, you get to hibernate. You do nothing but sleep for Six months….. I could deal with that.

Before you hibernate, you’re supposed to eat yourself stupid…… I could deal with that too.

When you’re a girl bear, you birth your children (who are the size of walnuts) while you’re sleeping and wake to partially grown, cute cuddly cubs……I could definitely deal with that.

If you’re a mama bear, everyone knows you mean business. You swat anyone who bothers your cubs. If your cubs get out of line, you swat them too. I could deal with that.

If your a bear, your mate EXPECTS you to wake up growling. He EXPECTS that you will have hairy legs and excess body fat.

Yup i’m gonna be a bear.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Found a few..

Blinkies that I like!

That would be me

That’s right!

what can I say!?

Im done now :)

Little Fishy..

Maddy started to take swim Lessons Monday with Savannah, and they are little Fish! They have had so much fun. The pictures didn't turn out so great, it kept focusing on the water! {grr} oh well!

**haha I just found out how to change the font on here!! That just made my day! **

Monday, July 5, 2010


I need to update my blog more... Hmm where to begin. The last weekend in June we went to Telluride, CO with Sam's parents. It is SO beautiful there! We stayed in this Cabinish-Condo, that had 5 flights of stairs, seriously! {I am trying to act like Amy Poehler here} I wish we would have taken more photos of it, BUT I sorta lost the camera on the way down.

We had stopped in Moab for dinner, and as we were heading out, realized I had forgotten to return our Redbox movies! We stopped at the Maverick to return them {thank heavens they are all over!!} Well, my lovely, adorable daughter, decided to spill her chocolate milk all over her, the floor, her bag full of toys and our camera bag. I rushed over and just started dabbing things up with wipes, while Sam went into Maverick to get paper towels. I picked up the Camera bag, it was sopping wet. So I threw it up on top of the Saturn, thinking I would get back to it soon. Well, after using almost all the wipes, and still hadn't got all the milk out of the carpet, we decided to just trudge on. Didn't realize the camera was still on the roof and we drove off! Seriously!
So later Friday night, well hot-tub'n-it-up, I wanted to take some pictures.. only to leave myself in a panic thinking where is it! It isn't anywhere, tore the car apart, our bags, and Maddy's toy bag, with no luck. That is when I realized.. it was still on the roof of the Saturn as we drove off..... I won't put the words that came flowing to my head here.. because we would have to bleep them out. I will tell you, Sam did not let me down on that one the whole weekend.. and still even to today... seriously.

Anyway, I thought I had been getting into better shape, until I met those 5 flights of stairs, and the 11,000 ft elevation we were at. {Mind you Salt Lake is about 4300 ft asl} I think I may have burned all the calories I ate just walking up those stairs.. sad huh? They had a Gondola from the top of the Mountain Village {Where the Condo was} down to Telluride. Madilyn LOVED it! She called it the "Gongo" I thought for sure she would be scared, but she wasn't. It made me a little uneasy at times.. but she just held my hand, and said "It's okay, Momma, don't be scared!" It really was quite a beautiful place, and I would go back again in a heartbeat!

Thanks to my Sam's Dad, he took some amazing photo's you are about to see:

Then it was off to this the day after we got back:

Let me just tell you.. my favorite one of all! Yes, I must be crazy for going to the midnight showing.. but it was oh SO fun! My dear friend Candis has thrown a Twilight, New Moon, and now an Eclipse party-all of which have been a blast! It is a bunch of us crazy early to mid-twenty ladies gooogling over These two men. Wishing we were Bella... am I right Ladies? Nah, it is just fun! haha Candis, thank you for an amazing party as always! :}

{Of course, no camera = no pictures... seriously.}

Then the 4th of July!! Has to be one of my FAVORITE Hoildays!
I love the BBQ's, fireworks, you name it! It was honestly the best weekend for it too! It wasn't too hot, a nice cold front came in just in time. Started out with a Breakfast at my parents ward, which was YUMMY. It has been a fun tradition for as long as I can remember! Maddy played with her friend Savannah {Who was my YW's leader, Kristi's daughter} They are only about 4 months apart, but are such good friends

Then it was off to a BBQ with my parents & Fireworks! We started a little early doing fireworks, so my dad could get off to bed. However, it worked out perfect. We decided to take Maddy to Costco to see the Murray Park Fireworks... she loved them! She kept saying "Whoa! That was so big! Did you see that Mommy!?" It was so fun to see her eyes light up with excitement. It brought back a lot of memories of when we used to watch the fireworks on our roof growing up. It was honestly the best part of my summers!
Sunday we went to Sam Parent's house for another BBQ. It was quite delightful and again a beautiful day :)

And that my friends is what we have been up to!... SERIOUSLY! :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

hehe ;)

Eclipse Movie and Breaking Dawn

Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, and this movie comes out Friday!

So excited!! :}

Just another day in Paradise!

So Maddy decided to take a little flying lesson of her own.. Thursday was quite the day already, work was busy, all these things coming at me at once. Decided I was going to try and stay as late as possible to get some work done before having to go visiting teaching. {to Ladies, whom I didn't even know I had until last Sunday! btw though.. they are wonderful} About 2:30ish almost 3:00pm, I received a phone call from the Missionaries "reminding you of the dinner appointment at 5:00" Panicking, because I had completely forgotten about it, I called Sam asking if he could be home by then. {Mind you, he drives from Provo every day} Realizing he won't be able to make it, and of course they aren't allowed to be there while a Priesthood holder isn't there. I decided to do takeout. I couldn't possibly cancel on them that late, and besides, I want to do whatever I can to help them out! I call my mom making sure Maddy is okay to stay a little longer at her house while I drop it off.
In the midst of all this, my dear mom is having a horrible past few days. I decided I would take her flowers. I ordered from Every Blooming Thing {my most favorite place for flowers! Thanks Jennie!} , had them delivered to me, so I could drop them off when I picked up Maddy! All is going as planned, ordered Cafe Rio online, check. Pick it up, check. Make it to their house by 5? well, almost, try 5:15, check! All in time to make it home by 6:00 for visiting teaching.. right!? hahaha that would be a perfect day! I get to my parents house, flowers in hand, I rang the doorbell. My mom answers the door, thinking I would get some sort of a surprise out of her.. but there was nothing. So I looked to see if she was crying, nope. A look of nervousness and almost in tears, she said: "I want you to know, she has finally stopped crying.." Oh great, I have heard those words before!! About 2 years ago when she had fallen down my parents entry stairs.. and ending up at Primary's for the evening. She proceeded to tell me that Madilyn decided to climb onto the back of her couch, lean over the railing, to see Tippy {their puppy.} Well, she must have leaned a little TOO far, and ended up in their Landing. My mom sat with her for several minutes before Maddy would move. I thought my mom was about to loose it! She was on the verge of tears anyway, and then to have that happen. My poor Mom!! Maddy could barely walk out of my parent's room, so I decided a trip to the Instacare/ER was in our near future.
I called ahead of time making sure we were okay to take her, and ended up at the Instacare. I thought for sure she had broken something. {Especially with me as a mother, and my past with broken bones} They quickly took us back, and luckily.. nothing. Just some bumps and bruises. I must say she has REALLY come far since Thursday! The Dr said she would be sore, which I only imagine falling down onto Hard wood stairs. She is SO lucky! I am so grateful that she was being watched over. She showed us Saturday what she had done, but wouldn't get near the banister. It is a wonder she didn't break her neck or something. She kept telling me that her "hip and leg was angry because she fell on it" She seriously makes me laugh!

Then comes today! As you know, Sam has had problems with his right leg. He is no stranger to Blood Clots for sure. Well a few weeks ago, he was tested for Factor 5 Leiden. The blood test took about 2-2 1/2 weeks to come back, and it came back positive! Next off to a Hematologist next Thursday to go over everything. Poor Sam! Just one more thing to worry about.

What next? Or maybe I shouldn't ask that... :} All in all I really am grateful for all our trials.. truly!! It only makes us that much stronger. We truly have been blessed, and I am so grateful for that. I am grateful that Maddy is doing better, and that we caught Sam's Blood Clotting disorder sooner, rather than later. Hopefully this is the last of their "competition" for Mommy's attention!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our New Loves..

A little bit of updating on our family, we are all doing pretty well. Despite the 2 week long cold Maddy and I have had. Thanks to Daycare, and all the lovely germs Maddy loves to bring home! Don't worry we still love Teresa!! {just not the germs from the other kiddos} First bout of antibiotics, Z-pac, were a no go. Then on Monday, Augmentin. Can I say, HOORAY!? Despite the dizziness that still lingers, I am feeling better.. not 100%, but better! Madilyn was lucky enough to get Amoxicillin and that worked right off the bat. Sam on the other hand, lucky thing never had it more than a couple of days.. go figure.

Since we all have been sickies around here, we have picked up watching movies more! Let's just say when you ask Maddy what movie she wants to watch, she will say "Batman! Batman!" No more Princess and The Frog, it is Batman. Aaahh yes, Batman :]

Quite honestly, who could resist right? Val Kilmer.. makes a pretty nice batman! So I don't mind one bit! It is cute at the end of the movie when Batman is running with the bat signal behind him, she gets all excited. She gets this goofy grin like, yeah he is cute. {it's hard to explain, but I am sure for all of you that know Maddy, you know which smile I am talking about!}

Sam still in love with his guitar's, Facebook, and anything computers, guns, hunting, or fishing :)

One of his Guitar's:

Trying to imitate This guy..

{If any of you know Sam, the Beatles are his most favorite Band of all time!}

As for me.. This is my new love, and before you ask that one question you KNOW you are probably asking... No, the answer is no. :}

I found a jar of these babies in my fridge from my Dad's Birthday last month, and I think I may have almost eaten the whole jar. They are soo good! Maybe it is because I can't really smell or taste anything, but none the less.. I am in love. :]

Along with these...




These Guys...

"Hey Soul Sister"

And Him......

Enough Said

Oh, and I am in love with these two too! :] {OF COURSE!}

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Been a LOOOONG while!

Wow, where to even begin. {I must warn you, TONS of pictures! I have you get you caught up right!?} Yes, we are still alive and thriving! Just been WAY too busy for our own good. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.. all were great! Here is a re-cap of what has been going on:

Thanksgiving was awesome! We spent the "feast" with my parents this year. {We rotate every year to make it fair.} Christmas.. wow, what a blast!! Maddy got her Barbie House and Barbies that she wanted for Christmas. When you would ask her what she wanted she would say "Ummmmm I want a Barbie House..... ummmm some Barbies, mmm some ponies, annnnnnd a pony house. And that's it!" As you can imagine she had that look of deep thinking, it was adorable!

A group of my Highschool friends have decided to do a get-together once a month. We just recently decided on the name... Sophisticated Mama's! How might we have come up with the name you might ask? Have you ever seen The Wedding Singer? There is a part when Jimmie Moore is performing "Ladies Night" in it it goes "Romantic Lady , single baby, Mm sophisticated mama, Come on you disco lady yeah." Lindsay was actually the one to come up with it.. it was so funny when she "re-inacted it" We thought, even though we definitely aren't single, all of us happily married... we are definitely Sophisticated Mama's! I have pictures from November & December's Ladies Nights. {December was Ugly Sweater Night}

{Warning, some of these pictures were taken late at night..}

New Year came and 2010 got off to a pretty good start for us! Spent lots of time getting our house back into order. We took a "break" during the Holiday's in having it up on the market. Needless to say it helped! we have already had more people look in the past few weeks than we have had in Months! We have had an offer on it, and I am sad to say that we had to decline it. I hate it!! I wish someone would just come upright and buy it. The people wanted us to do a lease option to buy. It really sounded like a good plan, and we were about ready to accept it, but then realized the $4,000 grant to build a new house, was no longer available. We were counting on that so that it could help with a down payment. We realized there was no way we could come up with $7K in 3 months while the house was being built. If the grant would have been available, we could have easily saved up the $3,000. After lots of prayers, and days making myself sick about it.. we both know it was a good decision. Right now we are focusing on getting more a down payment saved up so we can be ready for the next offer! I figure now, I figure we are just going to make the house the way we want it. I wasn't wanting to put TOO much work into it if we were just going to sell it, but it looks like we will be here for a while longer-so this is some of the things we have done!

Maddy has been in preschool and loving every minute of it. We just got her "mid-year" report card, check-plus on everything! {which is the highest you can get.} She is only 3 1/2 but going on 17. She is complete girl through and through. Her personality is surely showing through: Drama, Princess, goofiness, you name it! She has grown up so fast, and I can't believe she will be 4 in June!! Where did all this time go?? Here are some pics of her throughout last year:

Sam, still working for Utah County Health Department {Hence the reason for wanting to move!!} He is doing well! We both have started weight watchers first part of January. He has lost 9 lbs so far! I'm proud of you Honey!

Me, well I am alive and here! I am still working for Intermountain Healthcare's Recruitment part of HR. I have decided that I need to make time this year to keep up my blog up. They say it is a form of journaling. Since I suck at keeping a personal journal this will have to do! I started weight watchers with Sam, and have done pretty well. I weighed in this morning and I lost another 1.6 lbs. Making that a total of 11. something lbs! Slowly but surely it is coming off.. hooray!
We actually got back from Las Vegas this past Monday. Can I just say I honestly do NOT remember it being that dirty of a city. I mean dirty as in people basically handing you pornography as you are walking down the street! We walked {about 12 miles mind you!} down the strip, and they have these people that slap cards and then try to hand them to you. Well if take a look at what they are trying to hand you, {I highly suggest you DON'T!!} It is of women. This guy tried to slip on to Sam as we were walking past, and Sam was like "DUDE, I am with my family, NO!" The air is just gross from all the smoke. Here I am trying to be a good mom and shield my child from all this crap! Mind you there are some fun things to do there. The Mandalay Bay has a Shark Aquarium.. absolutely SOO COOL! My pictures didn't turn out so well because you walk through a few tunnels that are surrounded by water. I highly recommend it! The Mirage has a really cool Seigfried & Roy's Secret Garden. A Tiger & Dolphin Refuge. That was awesome! Maddy LOVES Dolphins as it is, so she really enjoyed it. Another thing Maddy enjoyed was Circus Circus's Trapeze Artists! We actually stayed at Circus Circus and let me tell you.. DO NOT stay in the Skyrise Towers. Umm let's just say we got in about Midnight, got our keys, the room was NOT cleaned. Beds weren't made, beer bottles, porn, and drug paraphernalia on the night stand. It was utterly disgusting! Obviously we complained and got upgraded to an amazing Room! They had recently remodeled their West Tower, and that is where they sent us free of charge. Knowing what I know about the other room.. I am SO glad it wasn't cleaned!! I don't think I will stay there again!! Anyway, here are some pictures from our trip!

Whew! I think that is all.. more to come as more events unravel!