Friday, June 19, 2009


Hey so, I am doing my own add on here.. hope ya don't mind! (Spread the word) We are selling our 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo [want to upgrade and get a 7 seater :)] Here are the details:
Blue 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo. This is a great SUV. We need a 7 seater though. The AWD/4WD makes this great in the snow and off road. Even though it's a V-8, it gets 20 mpg on the highway.
Dark Blue Exterior, Charcoal Interior, 5 Passenger Seating, Luggage Rack, Dual Front Air Bags, Rear Defroster, Privacy Glass, Power Windows/Locks, Cassette Player, AM/FM Radio, CD Player, Air Conditioning, Tilt Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, Interior Wood Trim, Digital Compass, Trip Odometer, and Tow Package. Newer radiator and brakes (within one year). New battery. BRAND NEW ALL TERAIN TIRES!
I have changed the oil every 3,000 miles and have done all the "little things" that others may have neglected. It runs & drives great!
Call us if you know anyone that is interested or email! Sam is probably the best to call about it, he knows more about car stuff! 801.897.5690 or email (801.897.5689)

Random Pics of Maddy

You have to love the randomness of my child.. she says and does the funniest things. I absolutely love this age!

She Fell asleep standing up by the couch! lol

I love her piggies!

Cheesy Grin... :] Nice Boots of Mom's!

Just cute..

This one I was trying to catch her with her leotard
over her head.. she came running in with it on, and
OF COURSE the camera wasn't right on hand.. oh
well got the cute grin!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Madilyn's First Dance Recital!

Madilyn's first Dance recital was yesterday.. she was SO stinking cute!! My cousin Marcee is her dance teacher, and just absolutely loves her. [Actually tonight she was taking my little dress shoe socks (the footie ones) and putting them ontop of her tights pretending to have "dance shoes like Marcee." She was taking her barbies, dolls, stuffed animals anything she could find and making them her students. lol it was SO funny. I couldnt help but laugh to myself. She did a lot better than I thought she would, even though she was a little off-beat, but what can you expect from a 3 year old! :] I love it! Her outfit was quite cute, and they danced to "Do you believe in Magic." I think all the girls (Kiara, Kayli, and Bryten) did a wonderful job!!
If I can get videos to work on here.. I will add the one we took of her. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A LOT of Catching up to do

Yes, yes, I know I have been quite the slacker when it comes to blogging. Life gets one TOO many steps a head of you... I think I am back on track.. hopefully!! A LOT has happened since the last time I have blogged. The biggest thing is that my little Maddy has turned 3!! Cannot believe how time flies by. We had an "Under the Sea" party with Ariel and all. She had lots of fun with her little friends and cousins. Maddy is in LOVE with her tricycle that Grandpa, Grandma Sellers and uncle Jeffy gave her! Chef Sam did a great job at cooking for the BBQ. We almost didnt get to do the party because of all this JUNE RAIN! I cannot believe that it is STILL raining... however, I am not ungrateful! I am so thankful for it! (Secretly I LOVE the rain!!!) It makes everything so green.. love it! I am thankful that we haven't had to water our lawn in seriously like 2 1/2 weeks! and it looks like we will make it 3 with this next storm coming through.. Definitely a change, but a great change!
Not only did Maddy have a birthday, but Sam and I did too! Both were great, but according to my cousin Will, after a certain number of Birthdays, you don't get any more! :] Not too much is going on, just working, and trying to keep up with life! Ella is doing great (that is our dog for all who don't know) she is LOVING being outside!! However, she digs in my flower pots and eats my plants.. not so good. But she is still a cute little puppy!