Sunday, September 28, 2008


This is the pronghorn, antelope, whatever you would like to call it. My dad was lucky enough to draw out. Sam is hunting this weekend so hopefully he will get something and I will post it!! :) Enjoy

Monday, September 15, 2008

First taste of Fall in the Mountains!

Saturday we decided to go and have family pictures done on the Alpine Loop Drive. Despite some drawbacks, we finally were able to take them. I now know Madilyn definitely takes after her mother. She got extremely carsick on the ride up there. Luckily I didn't put her in her outfit until we got up there, and her curls barely made the nap too! Nona Michelle came up with us to enjoy the fall air and mountains. She had been evacuated from Houston last weekend, so it was a blast being able to spend some time with her! We love the Mountains!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mom's 50th Birthday Party.... SURPRISE!

It was my Mom's 50th Birthday Yesterday.. what a blast! It started out with our water heater breaking breaking in the middle of the night. Maddy woke us up at about 2:00 in the morning and wanted her diaper be changed (it was to the point of explosion) and insisted that we put powder on her. So Sam went down to the basement to get the poweder, and he found that our basement had flooded..... a lot. It went clear into our 4th bedroom downstairs, all in the family room, hallway and bathroom. We juggled with the idea of calling a plumber then, but realized that it would just cost us even more. So we decided to shut all the water off and TRY to go back to bed. It was hard because we kept thinking about what needed to be done.
You may ask why we went back to bed.. well it was my Mom's Birthday on Saturday and we had planned a surprise Birthday Party for her. I had made arrangements to take her to get an hour long massage in the morning. We needed to get all the sleep we could so we could battle the morning to come. Everything went pretty smooth, Sam's Dad, Ron came, my Dad, my brother Jeff and his friend Colton, all helped to get things moved out onto the patio and wet vac all the water out of the basement. After determining it was JUST the water heater, and not sewer backage, we called my uncle Orlan, who knows EVERYTHING about fixing things. He helped us install the new water heater and we got most everything (besides the carpet is still drying) cleaned up and ready for the party... even with time to spare!
My Mom had NO idea what was going on. Even though it was her birthday she stayed to help most of the day sucking all the water out. When my Dad finally got her to leave, they went out to celebrate her birthday! Thinking we were watching Jeff just for that reason, we got everything prepared for the BIG surprise! When the time came, we had everyone over in the backyard waiting for her... she thought she was coming to get Jeff and we'd go out for ice cream. I told her that Sam, Jeff, Maddy and I were outside having a picnic for dinner, and that Maddy had a surprise for her. She was really surprised, almost to the point of tears.. it was awesome! I am grateful for everyone coming and helping out yesterday, with out them, we wouldn't have been able to pull it off!

Mom's first reaction to everything

Getting sprayed with silly spray

Maddy trying to get the silly spray to work

Kayli and Kiara

Friday, September 5, 2008

Elk Hunt/Labor Day Weekend 2008

I have made a promise to myself that i would AT LEAST update the blog once a month.. I am no good at these things, and I am still learning all the in's and outs of running a blog. Bear with me while I figure things out.. I am going to be posting some of the "Summer Activites" we have done with Maddy this summer.. and just a little update from this year.

To start things off: Every year we go up to Flaming Gorge for the Labor Day weekend. We decided to try something different this year and go up to a different spot. We definitely had a lot of fun! It was COLD and RAINY.. but Madilyn still managed to get herself dirty. I am surprised at how "okay" I was with that. My mom can recall a time when I said "I will NEVER let my kids get dirty... EVER!!" ha ha... how it changes once you actually have kids. I figure they wash, and so do their clothes. Besides I dont think Maddy even noticed how cold it was up there, she was having so much fun! Sam did get a shot at a cow elk, however I think all the addrenalin got to him.. and he missed. That is okay though... my dad did too! Yes, you heard right.. haha the great huntersman! I just told him.. there is always next year... and of course, the muzzleloader Deer in the next few months.

Madilyn in Grandpa Sellers Truck!

Goofy Grin of hers..

Wait.. is that Sam? Can't tell because
of the Camo..

Sam again.

Dad in his Truck
Maddy and Grandma!

Here we go again!

Okay, So I don't know what the deal was with the other blog, but now I have this going... I am going to give it another try! :)