Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I decided I should probably blog instead of changing my background and calling it good!

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!! Fall is so beautiful with all the leaves changing and the smell of well, yumminess! I can’t wait to get all the Halloween décor out. Maddy and I have already picked our outfits for Halloween. We are going to Match! Do you want to take a little guess?

Okay, So I am not a librarian, and I am quite sure I won’t be able to pull the outfit off like she does but we are going to try. More to come on that! I think I may have even talked Sam into being the Joker, and Ella to be either Batman or Robin Haven’t decided on that one yet!

Maddy has started preschool again, and enjoying every minute of it! I think she will be so ready next year to go to school.. even though Mom won’t be. She has been quite the trooper while I have been going to school. Which by the way I am half way done!! I am really excited to get my life somewhat back to normal! I can’t wait to come home and spend some time with her, instead of being so exhausted every night. When I said in my last post about being a bear.. seriously, I want to do that right now! Just hibernate for the winter. I am glad my family has been so supportive of me in my decision to go back. It truly isn’t THAT long, but it has been difficult working full time, and being a full time mom/wife..

Life is going pretty good, I can’t complain too much. Hopefully more to come soon when I have more time!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The No Good Very Bad Day..

So here is your laugh for the day {Go ahead it is okay to laugh, because I am laughing about it now!}

So last night I am at costco, getting some stuff for Dinner {trying to hurry because a co-worker is coming over for dinner} I am doing good have an hour to go till he gets there! Anyway, I turn from putting the groceries in the car, and pull the basket behind me to pull around and push it to the basket return {if that makes sense} Low and behold right as I bring my right foot up to step, the basket {which I am controlling} RAMS into my ankle. Instantly, I am feeling a burning tingling sensation. {ya know like you get when you hit your funny bone.. ONLY WORSE!} I figure ahh crap!! I probably just pulled my tendon or something dramatic like that... great, just my luck! I keep thinking “Don’t look at it, it will go away, don’t look at it!" {because you know if you look at it , it will hurt worse!!!!} So I am limping/hobbling to my car trying not to burst into tears {a little background.. my day was a crap day yesterday!! So this was the last straw for me} I get into the car and think.. great how am I suppose to drive to get Maddy! I can’t even feel my toes, it hurts to put pressure on it.. well I end up backing out and driving across the street {literally} to Maddy’s daycare.. WITH MY LEFT FOOT {so awkward, I do NOT recommend} I hobble up to the door {still hadn’t looked at it at this point} get in she can see I am limping.. Teresa asks if I am okay.. and what do you know, I BURST into tears.. {this was the second time today that I had cried.. what is wrong with me!?} She tells me to sit down, and we notice it is bleeding pretty bad and it's all over my shoe. {NICE! The pain just worsened now- of course because I LOOKED!!!} It had split open my ankle.. Poor Maddy was like “It’s okay momma, don’t worry I’ll take care of it!” We get the bleeding to stop, finally! I think to myself alright I have to get home for dinner!! So I tell Teresa I will be fine, really, I will! Well not even a block away I am not okay, I pull over and call my mom by then I am bawling AGAIN and she instantly turns into Mom mode, grabs my dad and they are on their way to get me.. My dear sweet Dad drives me home.. {how thoughtful right!?} The whole way he is cursing me for wearing flip-flops {of course} and can’t understand why I am crying { of course again!- HORMONES dad… HORMONES}

The morale of thisVERY long story.. somewhat shortened.. don’t wear flip flops {according to my Dad} AND just beware of shopping carts.. they bite! They bite hard!!