Friday, September 18, 2009

Big Slacker!

Alright, I know, I am the BIGGEST slacker when it comes to blogging. Lots of things have happened since my latest post. I know what you are thinking... pumpkins, fall, isn't that a little TOO soon!? Well, I have to say, that Fall is one of my most FAVORITE times of the year. I absolutely LOVE IT! THe colors, the smells, the warm sweaters, leaves changing, *sigh* it is perfect! So i thought I would get started early. ( I even have my house partially decorated! ha!) Where to begin. WEll, first off, Sam had surgery on his leg Friday July 31st, to remove a vericose (sp?) vein. All was well, he was taking great advantage of being laid up! lol Then Monday rolls around for his checkup appointment, and they found a blood clot. Well needless to say that was a kicker. Maybe I should rewind a day or two. Saturday (the day after his surgery) I got in the car ready to go over to my parents house, and wa'la... the "check engine" light comes on in the Jeeo. Now as you all know, that jeep has been more trouble than I would like to admit. HOWEVER, it was doing well for the time being, until that moment. I just wanted to cry!.. and I did. Then Monday taking the Jeep in to be looked at, my mom taking me back home so I could get Sam to his follow-up apointment to find out the blood clot. The Dr put him on blood thinners (coumadin) and Lovenox shots to help thin the blood. Can i just say.. OUCH! Sam's stomach after that first week looked like a battlefield. I felt so bad for him! He was a trooper I must say, he ended up giving himself the shots not only once, but twice a day! So on the way home from the Dr's already stressed about the blood clot, and Jeep. We get a phone call of some people wanting to look at the Jeep. We were completely honest in saying it was in the shop, but we were getting it fixed. Once we found out it was just a sensor, we called them back and they drove all the way from Cedar City to look at it! After a drive.. they loved it! Took it home that night. I was COMPLETELY shocked and excited. Grateful for the timing because that left us with one car, Sam on bedrest/home from work for the next week. That next Friday we were on crunch time finding a vehicle. The Doc had given Sam the "okay" to walk around and do normal things, just not to "over do it." Sam went out looking for a vehicle. I had attempted several times during the week with my dad to look at some vehicles, with no luck. I must say, I am VERY proud of Sam, he found our new car for us! A 2006 Black Saturn VUE. LOVED it! I really wanted a 3rd row, but decided that where we are at in our lives now, one child.. why did we need it. I was just trying to plan for the future, but we love it!
Secondly Maddy Started pre-school!! I had called about a month back, and they said they were full. I was really bummed! Madilyn is extrememly smart for her age. (No I am not just saying that because I am her mom, she really really is!) I am amazed at the things she says and does at 3!! I really felt like she needed to be challenged. Well over Labor Day weekend, we were headed down for my cousin Sheri Ann's wedding, and I got a phone call from Jolene. They had an opening. I was so excited! Of course, so was Maddy. She get's to go to school like the other kids at her Daycare. Her first day was the best! I took a break from busy work, and dropped her off. She had the BIGGEST grin on her face when I said goodbye. It made me cry! I can't believe she is already old enough to be in preschool. Then in a short 2 years, she will be in school. It makes me incredibly sad!! She has had so much fun, and thanks to my mom for dropping her off and picking her back up again. (Thanks Mom you are the best!) I need to find a more permanet fix, but for now, it works. :]
Lastly.. well that is about it! We are just keeping busy between work, dance, church callings etc. Yes, we still have our house on the market.... gr! haha We now have lowered it to $165K. So if you know of anyone looking for a house, send them our way! I have been busy with painting the upstairs, and we finished the basement a few months back. (Pictures to come) Now all we have to do is wait, and put our trust in the Lord that he knows best. In the meantime Maddy keeps on saying "Mommy, I really really want a new house in Lehi by James and Chomper." and I keep on torchering myself by looking at all the cute homes for sale! Our new kick.. is building a new home with Salisbury homes. It would be awesome! *sigh* well all in due time. Right now, we are trying to enjoy life to the fullest. Being happy and content where we are. Our goal.. to be in a house by Christmas.. that would be the best gift! Sorry for this being so long and boring.. hopefully some new exciting things will happen in the next little bit!!