Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

What a day.. we sure had fun... well until Bedtime when Maddy was sick and puking all night! Other than that it was a delight. Madilyn last minute decided she didn't want to be a Bee.. she wanted to be Belle. So we proceeded to whip a Belle costume together in about 20 minutes. It was too hard, since she got a Belle costume earlier this year in Disneyland. We did her hair.. and wala!! There was Belle!
Maddy and her friend Savannah made beautiful princesses! They went out despite the cold and had a great time. Grandpa was the greatest to take Maddy out with Me. I think he had just as much fun. I must say she came home with a TON of candy. More than I would like in my house! It is hard to believe that October is now officially over, and it is NOVEMBER!! Now it is time to think of Thanksgiving.. Black Friday Shopping {Which by the way I am COMPLETELY Excited about!!!!} Oh and how could I forget...... New Moon!! Yea, I am one of the crazies that will be heading out Friday November 20th to see it! However I am completely excited to go. My friend Candis is doing a Werewolf Breakfast {for Dinner hehe} and fun New Moon festivities. Then come 2:00am... we will be watching the movie! Can I just say.. I have high hopes it will be better than Twilight.. or so I hope! Either way it will be fun to try and pull and all nighter again... well at least try to. haha. Then comes good old Christmas.. can you believe it is only 54 days away!? Man, time flies, it seems like we just did this! Eh oh well, I love this time of year! Well I hope everyone had a great Halloween, enjoy the pics!