Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our New Loves..

A little bit of updating on our family, we are all doing pretty well. Despite the 2 week long cold Maddy and I have had. Thanks to Daycare, and all the lovely germs Maddy loves to bring home! Don't worry we still love Teresa!! {just not the germs from the other kiddos} First bout of antibiotics, Z-pac, were a no go. Then on Monday, Augmentin. Can I say, HOORAY!? Despite the dizziness that still lingers, I am feeling better.. not 100%, but better! Madilyn was lucky enough to get Amoxicillin and that worked right off the bat. Sam on the other hand, lucky thing never had it more than a couple of days.. go figure.

Since we all have been sickies around here, we have picked up watching movies more! Let's just say when you ask Maddy what movie she wants to watch, she will say "Batman! Batman!" No more Princess and The Frog, it is Batman. Aaahh yes, Batman :]

Quite honestly, who could resist right? Val Kilmer.. makes a pretty nice batman! So I don't mind one bit! It is cute at the end of the movie when Batman is running with the bat signal behind him, she gets all excited. She gets this goofy grin like, yeah he is cute. {it's hard to explain, but I am sure for all of you that know Maddy, you know which smile I am talking about!}

Sam still in love with his guitar's, Facebook, and anything computers, guns, hunting, or fishing :)

One of his Guitar's:

Trying to imitate This guy..

{If any of you know Sam, the Beatles are his most favorite Band of all time!}

As for me.. This is my new love, and before you ask that one question you KNOW you are probably asking... No, the answer is no. :}

I found a jar of these babies in my fridge from my Dad's Birthday last month, and I think I may have almost eaten the whole jar. They are soo good! Maybe it is because I can't really smell or taste anything, but none the less.. I am in love. :]

Along with these...




These Guys...

"Hey Soul Sister"

And Him......

Enough Said

Oh, and I am in love with these two too! :] {OF COURSE!}