Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh, and this movie comes out Friday!

So excited!! :}

Just another day in Paradise!

So Maddy decided to take a little flying lesson of her own.. Thursday was quite the day already, work was busy, all these things coming at me at once. Decided I was going to try and stay as late as possible to get some work done before having to go visiting teaching. {to Ladies, whom I didn't even know I had until last Sunday! btw though.. they are wonderful} About 2:30ish almost 3:00pm, I received a phone call from the Missionaries "reminding you of the dinner appointment at 5:00" Panicking, because I had completely forgotten about it, I called Sam asking if he could be home by then. {Mind you, he drives from Provo every day} Realizing he won't be able to make it, and of course they aren't allowed to be there while a Priesthood holder isn't there. I decided to do takeout. I couldn't possibly cancel on them that late, and besides, I want to do whatever I can to help them out! I call my mom making sure Maddy is okay to stay a little longer at her house while I drop it off.
In the midst of all this, my dear mom is having a horrible past few days. I decided I would take her flowers. I ordered from Every Blooming Thing {my most favorite place for flowers! Thanks Jennie!} , had them delivered to me, so I could drop them off when I picked up Maddy! All is going as planned, ordered Cafe Rio online, check. Pick it up, check. Make it to their house by 5? well, almost, try 5:15, check! All in time to make it home by 6:00 for visiting teaching.. right!? hahaha that would be a perfect day! I get to my parents house, flowers in hand, I rang the doorbell. My mom answers the door, thinking I would get some sort of a surprise out of her.. but there was nothing. So I looked to see if she was crying, nope. A look of nervousness and almost in tears, she said: "I want you to know, she has finally stopped crying.." Oh great, I have heard those words before!! About 2 years ago when she had fallen down my parents entry stairs.. and ending up at Primary's for the evening. She proceeded to tell me that Madilyn decided to climb onto the back of her couch, lean over the railing, to see Tippy {their puppy.} Well, she must have leaned a little TOO far, and ended up in their Landing. My mom sat with her for several minutes before Maddy would move. I thought my mom was about to loose it! She was on the verge of tears anyway, and then to have that happen. My poor Mom!! Maddy could barely walk out of my parent's room, so I decided a trip to the Instacare/ER was in our near future.
I called ahead of time making sure we were okay to take her, and ended up at the Instacare. I thought for sure she had broken something. {Especially with me as a mother, and my past with broken bones} They quickly took us back, and luckily.. nothing. Just some bumps and bruises. I must say she has REALLY come far since Thursday! The Dr said she would be sore, which I only imagine falling down onto Hard wood stairs. She is SO lucky! I am so grateful that she was being watched over. She showed us Saturday what she had done, but wouldn't get near the banister. It is a wonder she didn't break her neck or something. She kept telling me that her "hip and leg was angry because she fell on it" She seriously makes me laugh!

Then comes today! As you know, Sam has had problems with his right leg. He is no stranger to Blood Clots for sure. Well a few weeks ago, he was tested for Factor 5 Leiden. The blood test took about 2-2 1/2 weeks to come back, and it came back positive! Next off to a Hematologist next Thursday to go over everything. Poor Sam! Just one more thing to worry about.

What next? Or maybe I shouldn't ask that... :} All in all I really am grateful for all our trials.. truly!! It only makes us that much stronger. We truly have been blessed, and I am so grateful for that. I am grateful that Maddy is doing better, and that we caught Sam's Blood Clotting disorder sooner, rather than later. Hopefully this is the last of their "competition" for Mommy's attention!